The New York - New Jersey Highlands
Regional Assessment Update Results and Data

Final Report

Public and technical reports were published in December 2002 and April 2003 by the USDA Forest Service. They are available via the internet at the following locations:

GIS Data

These data represent a portion of the New York/New Jersey Highlands Regional GIS database created by CRSSA for the 2002 New York/New Jersey Highlands Regional Assessment Update. Some of the data were compiled and used by the NJ Highlands Task Force to develop the statutory Highlands Preservation and Planning Area. The State's GIS data is available for download and interactive mapping on i-MapNJ as well as on CRSSA's Internet Map Server.

The available data layers listed below are accompanied by complete metadata (XML, HTML), and have been compressed into WinZip archives. Simply right-click on the "Download" link, and highlight "Save file as." The files may be extracted by the use of WinZip (Windows) software or the unzip command (UNIX). Please contact CRSSA staff if you experience any difficulty in the transfer or use of files.

General Data
Study area
Land cover
Open space
Subwatershed conditions

Conservation Values Assessment
Water quality

Forest productivity

Agricultural productivity
Composite resource value

* Indicates data that are not presently available for dissemination